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AC Service

An air filter collects huge amount of dust particles and dirt during operations. Dirty air filters in AC cause problems like ice formation in AC, AC not cooling etc. During AC servicing, the expert technician  washes and cleans air filter. The condenser fins are also rinsed and cleaned for any molds and dust build up during AC service.

System Installation

ac installation is very easy,  you have to do is install the cooling unit or indoor unit inside and the compressor and condenser unit outside, then join the copper  piping and a power cable between the units. If you don’t want to hire a professional to install a split system air conditioner and you have some experience with plumbing and electrical work, you can install the unit on your own

Fan Motor Replacement

The main purpose of your air conditioner’s condenser fan motor is to keep the compressor from overheating. Its work  is to cool the superheated refrigerant that moves through the condenser coils of your AC unit, which helps to cool your home.

Heat Pump Repair

Our expert and Professional engineer will diagnose the heat pump by meter and then resolve the problem

A/C Repair

The simplest way to prevent a broken fan motor or any other kind of air conditioning breakdown is with routine maintenance and service. During a maintenance, a certified and expert professional will check and adjust all parts to ensure your unit is working efficiently

Duct Cleaning and Repair

AC service technician cleans the dust and molds from the condenser and evaporator fan blades. In a split AC the condenser fan is in the outdoor unit.